Constitución Política Celta de Gallaecia : Da Treba á Terra e do Castro á Uilla Medieval / Constituição Política Celta de Gallaecia: Da Treba à Terra e Do Castro à Uilla Medieval. A Terra de Trasancos como paradigma


In 2004 Trinity College Dublin published genetic research. Being “National Identity” and Celtic Legacy, consubstantial concepts, in the language, history, legends and literature of Ireland, the Irish Government, to document, accorded to common opinion, the arrival of the Celts from Central Europe in the V century BC, funded a study led by Dan Bradley and Brian McEvoy.
But comparing DNA samples from 200 volunteers from various parts of Ireland with a genetic database of 8500 individuals across Europe, Bradley and McEvoy, found something different, confirming McEvoy: “The primary genetic legacy of Ireland, seems to have come from people from Spain and Portugal after the last ice age”, in fact a genetic legacy of Mesolithic and Neolithic of Gallaecia and the Atlantic coast of Iberia. “We have” – McEvoy said-, “a much older genetic legacy”, which could according mistakenly they thought not be Celtic.
However the study of TCD, of Bradley and McEvoy, in fact redefined the concept of Celtica, when combined in a map of Europe Genetic profiles [haplotipe R1b (Y-DNA)] noted in the Atlantic Cultural Area corresponding to Algarve, Gallaecia, Cantabria, Basque Country, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Britain.

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